Silver Oak Farm - special rodents for excellent breeders
-Sometimes you'll need this unique and special gerbil to complete your breeding program
According to the Standard Silver Oak Farm will make some high class selections out of gerbils with heterogeneous familygenes and homogeneous colourgenes
Pure bred colours , but with a great diversity of familygenes !
This way of breeding guarantees healthy gerbils with nice characters
What kind of save techniques do we use if we want to put two gerbils together without any accidents ?
How to start ?
The best way to begin is to visit several shows and find out as much as you can about gerbils , before buying any . Is there a colour you would specifically like ?
Do you have any idea how gerbils behave and , furthermore , do you have enough time to spent on your gerbils ? Are you willing to visit a number of shows with your gerbils to keep up your standard ?
After you have answered all these questions , and maybe many more , I would recommend to start with 2 gerbils putting together , aged between 5 and 8 weeks ;
At this age they won't make any trouble accepting each other ;
Sometimes this isn't the case and if you want to make another combination , for instance with some older gerbils , you have to be more careful .
An older male will except a little ( I mean young ) female easily , older females are more difficult . If she behaves dominant towards your chosen male , there is never any chance that she will except this male as her mate . Don't even try . I always pick out a very (handsome of course ) big male , if this is the case . If this doesn't work , bad luck . If she doesn't behave dominant , but they are just fighting  (both ) , you will notice this within a minute , you can try the split cage method ..Never try for an hour or so , to prevent injuries ! Gerbils know within seconds if they like one another -
When the gerbils  are the same age , for instance , 3 months or so , you also can try the split cage method , which is very simple :
For 3-7 days you put the gerbils every other day seperated in each others habitat , so the will get used to each others sent .
After that , always put the female in the cage of the male , to be certain .
Just as simple as that
This is a very responsible way to put gerbils together , because there is no stress at all and no injuries will occur .
All the alternative methods , I'm sorry to say , are not animalfriendly at all , and I do have my very own doubts and only use the split cage method , succesfully , I might say .
I would prefer the biggest gerbil in the nest because it is the strongest one , try to start with such gerbils , although , when the quality of the parents is good enough , a second choice will do .
Just buying gerbils somewhere is something you should't do if you don't know how they should look like . Try to purchase a few showgerbils and ask for advice , you don't want to make any unnecessary mistakes .