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Heidelberger pure bred gerbils from Germany
Original agouti gerbils from Germany , not related at all to any other  bloodlines
Very healthy and goodlooking beautiful Mongolian gerbils with smart characters
In the summer of 2011 I contacted Freddy Braun , and purchased some of his gerbils . He was very lucky to get hold of a few agouti gerbils from a Zoo in Germany in 2006 and started breeding with them.
In my opinion they were special enough to honour them with an appropiate name :
I named them my Heidelbergers - the place where they were born .
Every detail is perfect , you can put them under a magnifying glass and try to find any shortcomings ...
Anyway , I started breeding with these gerbils too , mixed some of them with my own bloodlines and a few others I kept aside .
The funny thing is , that the mixed gerbils immediately took over the behaviour of the domesticated gerbils , they produce , even now , during the winter , several litters !
This happened just after one combination with one of my own lines . The temparature in the gerbil area is approximately 20 degrees Celcius .
The cubs aren't as big as my own bred gerbils , but they are much bigger already ;
They are still jumpy and very smart ..
The non-mixed pure Heidelberg gerbils are having a winterstop now , despite the constant area-temparature of 20 degrees Celcius they only had two litters , the last spring one and the last summer one. (2012)
Interesting question arises :
How important was the biological influence of the very domesticated gerbil in this case  ?
Is it measurable ?