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    Januari 6th , 2016

Dear fellow breeders and friends

First of all , I wish you a succesful and Happy New Year . This year I hope we meet again on several shows.
 In 2015 I only could attend one show in Den Helder.
August , Friday the 13th 2014 I ran out of luck . 
I had a terrible accident with a horse and broke my back . I couldn't lift up my legs anymore and had to stay in bed for 3 months . The good news is that I can walk again but the revalidation takes very long. Riding a horse is still painful. 
Anyway , let's make a fresh start ! 
You know where to find me :)


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June 15Th 2015 , the arrival of the 
first underwhite mutation gerbils from Singapore including a lot of pictures

Pictures of Sandy and Cream degus !

Pictures of Silver Oak's  skinny cavies

Next Show Johan Qualm Bokal Saturday , June 27 th 2015 , Den Helder
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Updated : views : 98.191

Nutmeg variegated male young , English import
Blue (diluted black )  Swedish import
Siamese female old ,    F 96,5
Champion of Holland 2014
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Johan Qualm Bokal
Sunday , December 2nd 2012
Euretco Expocenter
Meidoornkade 24
So many people were visiting the show !
A beautiful black female gerbil won with an F 97,5
Our youngsters went today to Sweden , Finland and the Tzjech Republic
Sunday , November 11th 2012 a few very special friends arrived by bus from Poland : A sepia male and a black patched female for breeding purposes .
Nice and handsome young gerbils , so we are expecting beautiful cubs for sale next spring .
Off course some diluted and patched gerbils emigrated to Poland , to complete a special breeding program -
 - November 2010  Barneveld ,  Best Gerbil Showwinner Gerry van Oosterhout Trophy :
                 Agouti Male  Predicate F
 -December 2010 Houten ,  Best Gerbil Showwinner Johan Qualm Bokal : Dark eyed honey Male Predicate F
-See some pics and showresults ? Visit
-Dutch Championships 22nd of January 2011 : BEST GERBIL OF HOLLAND :
                 Agouti Female Predicate F  
            Also winner of all categories of little rodents
      Best gerbil of the show 
      Category Exotic gerbils : 3rd place  (pallid gerbil)
      Best agouti mouse (grey agouti )
          SALESLIST 3rd of April 2011 Houten :
All available couples and youngsters were exported to the UK , Sweden and Germany this weekend . Congratulations to all new owners , and lots of succes !
           LECTURE :  "All about gerbils "    JUNE 2011   Location : Barneveld
 Including a presentation of premium quality gerbils of Silver Oak Farm
           SEPTEMBER 3rd 2011 Barneveld
  Start Showseason 2011/2012
  Showwinner Rodentfestival  Sept.3rd :  Best gerbils : Silver Oak Farm   Showresults :
  Best in show :  Lilac  Female Predicate F
  Best Mongolian gerbil :  Lila c Female  Predicate F
  2 nd :  Dark Eyed Honey  Male  Predicate F
  3 rd :  Siamese  Female  Predicate F
           SALESLIST :
  Today all our youngsters are travelling to Germany and Russia ! Silver Oak Farm wishes
  them all the best and congratulations to their new owners . Lots of thanks to Martin and
  Peter Braak for making this possible .
  Extra :
 SHOWWINNER :  Lilac Female Predicate F , Rattonia Trophy
 2 nd : Grey Agouti Male Predicate F
 3 rd : Burmese Male Predicate F
 4 th : Dark Eyed Honey Predicate F
 5 th : Agouti Female Predicate F
 6 th : Polar Fox Female Predicate F
 7 th : REW ( red eyed white ) Male Predicate F
 Thanks to the organization of the Duinstreekshow for the beautiful tulips !
  SHOWRESULTS GALLINOVA  November  12 th 2011 , Barneveld .
  Best gerbil of the show : Lila male old    * Predicate  U *  98
  Argente male young F  97
  Polar fox male old F   also condition U  96,5
  Lila female old F also condition U  96,5
  Agouti female old F  96,5
  Dark eyed honey male old F 95,5
  Grey agouti male old F 95
  Mice :
  REW female young ZG  94,5  2nd place
  Best gerbil of the show : Lila male old  Predicate F 97   also winner of the Johan Qualm Bokal
  2 nd : Lila female old F 96
  3 rd :Lila male old F 95
  4 th : Polar fox female old F 95
  5 th : Polar fox male old F95
  X FACTOR WINNER , most promising "new " species :   Degu male young agouti
Dutch championships januari 2012
Polar fox female F 97
2 nd  Polar fox male old  F 96,5
3 rd  Grey agouti male old F 96
4 th  Burmese male young F 96
5 th  Grey agouti male old F 95,5
6 th Grey agouti male old F 95,5
7 th Polar fox F 95,5
8 th REW male young F 95
 Burmese male young 
2 nd  Agouti female old
       SALESLIST :
Today our gerbils travelled to Sweden and England

During this summer :
Total reorganization to improve and modernize all our facilities and environmental conditions for our gerbils ; expanding m2-s is necessary -
We had a hard time during this winter , temparatures dropped until -18 degrees Celcius so our first priority is to create more stabil circumstances to minimize the heating costs ...
Extra artificial daylight during the winter is also one of our wishes , and last but not least , why not a totally make-over ?
This all should be realized before the summer ends so our next showseason starts normally .
The gerbils won't be troubled or stressed by the reorganization , they will move to their new home when it's finished .