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Pure Bred Bloodlines
Nowadays it's really hard to find pure bred colours :
It seems to be very modern to breed gerbils with as many recessive genes as possible , but a serious explanation can't be found .
Somehow somebody - introduced the idea that it is only allowed to breed gerbils with an enormous pedigree , showing the most interesting genes , and if you don't , your gerbil will drop dead , so a lot of gerbils breeders are only making so called unrelated combinations .Well , there won't be any "dead droppings " but what is the real truth behind all this ?  I think , reading scientific /research material , somebody must have found somewhere the recommendation that gerbils should be bred carrying as many as different genes as possible to stay healthy , and translated this into a ruling opinion ;
Naive beginning gerbil breeders became "followers" ...
But what if you want to start a bloodline and make progressions regarding the development of the exterior and colour etc. of your gerbils ? Isn't it a fact that all gerbils are a little bit related anyway , especially in you own country ? Because there are so may "in between colours " a lot of mistakes are made naming them , logically.
Mixing all kind of coloured gerbils has nothing to do with breeding , this is only masking the commercial fact that these cute gerbils sell better . Less couples , more colours . Who cares if the gerbil has a large pedigree and only shows its gene pollution which makes this gerbil totally worthless to a real breeder ?
Are these gerbils unhealthy then ? Are they healthier ?
No , but it's difficult when all kinds of colours keep popping up if not needed. For instance , if you want to check out a new mutation , you'll never know what comes out for sure , or you don't want c H into your breeding lines , because this gene effects the true colour of the gerbil, or you'll get "in between colours" you can't recognize or name , etc.
On the other hand , I would't recommend keeping some gerbils phenotypically all alike together and inbreed them for ages , your nests will become smaller and your cubs too , that also doesn't make any sense . You still have to make selections , and learn how to do that .
Above all , isn't it very complicated to start with so many genes ? Ask any breeder of cats or dogs ( or whatever ) and they will give you the same answer : a pedigree is to show an animals pure bred quality , according to an authorized Standard , and not the other way around .
If you want to do some serious breeding , I admit it's very important to have a good registration , so you'll know exactly what you are doing . If you are only mixing recessive genes , don't bother ..
Anyway , you can buy a gerbil that has the same phenotype as your own : same colour , different familygenes , problem solved , or not ?
First of all , don't buy for every couple you want to put together a new gerbil . Maybe in the beginning , to make a good start.
Sometimes it's a good idea to take one of your own . Which one ? Take a good look at your animal , and find out what could be improved . Try to make a compensation couple , meaning , for instance short tail versus longer tail , nose - nose , size - size , etc.
The better you are able to do this , the better you next nest of gerbils will be . Furthermore , there is much more time to study your own gerbils than other ones . Can't find a match ? Buy a showgerbil with a good predicate , and not so many genes in it , we can do these things later ( or not ) .
If your skills aren't that good , and you don't have so much experience ,try to bring your gerbils to a show , and let an authorized inspector judge them . This will help a lot ;
It's also very important, before writing down anything at all , to determin the right colour of your gerbil ; you 'll understand , an ''in between colour '' is hard to name-
Therefore the best thing to do is to buy a Standard , this Standard provides all the useful information you'll need , about how a correct gerbil should look like .
As understood , you are not only doing this for the colours , but also for a correctly  built gerbil . This Standard will also become your breeding goal , it contains a very important amount of knowledge regarding to breeding .