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How to breed the ideal gerbil ?
In my opinion it is of great importance to realize that size matters ..
However , you've got to get the chance to start with a big and handsome gerbil , but where to begin when this isn't the case ?
Is there any mysterious procedure to follow or are there any secrets to discover ?
Are we talking about an evolutionary journey ?
Why does size matter ?
Is it about imagination and subjective to personal preferences ?
How important is the environment and the happyness of the gerbil ?                    
In the wild a natural selection takes place , the survival of the fittest . This doesn't mean that the strongest animal will only survive , this is about the individual creature that is most adaptive to its environment :
Not the fittest , this is about "to fit in "
In captivity we create ideal circumstances for a succesful reproduction and we make an artificial selection , within the limits of our own capacities .
In evolutionary terms , we should be very modest when we talk about our progressions in breeding ...
By the way , all these gorgeous photo's are made by Martin Braak
This argente male gerbil almost lived for 5 years , was allways in a good mood and I showed him for at least 3 years - he had the right attitude : He loved being photographed as you can see , he loved the attention and the compliments . He took care of his partners and cubs very well , never showed any kind of seizures at all , and was healthy until the end . Some gerbils are born perfect ...If you ever have the luck to start with such a gerbil ...In 1981 I bought my first little rodent and then , caught by the virus , I tried to breed beautiful gerbils . In that time , there only were agouti , argente , grey agouti , black and white bellied cream gerbils . I can remember the first time I heard about blue gerbils , now known as slate - I jumped in my car ( and got lost in Rotterdam with my mother ) and Ron Sneep , a well known breeder at that time , handed over my first so called blue gerbils . The first pallid gerbils showed up , as well as the REW English showmice with the very big ears , but my real love always had been the gerbil , especially the grey agouti . In 1988 I went to Gent with my gerbils and won the International Championships .
Nowadays there are so many colours that it is almost impossible to choose which colour you like the most . We have to thank Fred Petrij , Vera Bruckman and Karin van Veen for that -