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Read all about underwhite dense , a new gene discovered by Michelle Inman , from Maestros' Brood
This gene is going to replace "gg"
Satin                                 A-C-D-E-uwuwP-
Grey Agouti                     A-C-D-E-uw(d)uw(d)P-
White Bellied Cream     A-C-D-E-uw(d)uw(d)pp
Polar Fox                         A-C-D-eeuw(d)uw(d)P-
Slate                                 aaC-D-E-uw(d)uw(d)P-
Azure Slate                      aaC-D-E-uw(d)uwP- 
Silver Nutmeg                 aaC-D-eeuw(d)uw(d)P-
The Satin Gerbil
 In the year 2000 the cream mutation was first discovered by Michelle Inman from Maestros ' Brood. She named this new colour Satin and it shows a deep cream fur with dark ruby or livercoloured eyes and a white undercoat. With age , the eyes are darkening.
It's a very healthy mutation beause it only effects the pigments. We are not talking about Ivory , Apricot or red eyed silvernutmeg ( selfcream ) , the new colour appears to be much superior than the colours named above.
The mutant allele is residing on the G locus.
Without relying on multiple recessive gene combinations this mutation allows us to breed a real cream gerbil.
In order to proof this was all taking place on the G locus , Michelle had to do further allelic breeding and she had to find a comparable coat colour to the new mutant gene in another species , and there was also a necessity to find an allele of the same locus that produces the very same grey agouti and slate
of our own gerbils .
Sandy Van Eysinga and Ed Cope offered their help , because she couldn't do this entirely alone ...
In mice , the "Satin" is known as underwhite , a cream/beige mouse with dark ruby eyes .
Unfortunately it was very difficult to obtain more knowledge about any other mutations on the G locus ;
The solution was discovered when a research paper showed up and contained more information about two further alleles on the Underwhite locus : Underwhite dense and Underwhite dominant brown .
Most studies on Underwhite and its various mutated alleles are normally carried out on a non- agouti background , but Michelle needed also to know what the coat colour would look like on an agouti background .
"The Underwhite (uw) locus Acts Autonomously and Reduces the Production of Melanin "
by Anne L. Lehman , Willys K. Silvers , Neelu Puri , Kasumasa Wakamatsu , Shosuke Ito , Murray H. Brilliant.
Not only Underwhite is a phenotype mimicking gene , it's also a masking gene, so it resembles other known coat colours but also has the ability to mask black-eyed gerbils to make them ruby-eyed instead .
Breeders should understand the fact that it is very important to register all your breeding activities to know exactly what you are doing , and mixing all kinds of colours is also not very sensible .
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