Silver Oak Farm - special rodents for excellent breeders
Interested in premium quality gerbils ?    
We are very proud to present you the most beautiful gerbils you have ever seen !
Silver Oak Farm has won the Dutch Championships in 2007 ,2008 ,2009 ,2010 ,2011 ,2012 , 2013 ,2014 and 2016 .
Our gerbils are exceptionally handsome and goodlooking . Pure bright colours , health, excellent showresults and F quality is what we believe in .
Great manners in behaviour , no vices,  brought up with love and care in a professional way .
Before they leave the farm they have had the best proteines , vitamines and all that's  necessary to develop into a healthy and longliving gerbil ...
Our adult gerbils weigh up to 150 grams .
Since environmental circumstances are very important to gerbils , the gerbils are brought up in a special airconditioned area with ideal temparatures and extra artificial daylight during the whole year .
During the summer there is plenty of willow, hazelnuttwigs , wallnuts , blackberrytwigs and reed . Completed with straw , hay and a special mixed diet including granes and proteines , Silver Oak Farm guarantees an upbringing of high quality .
Within reasonable financial limits our non-profitable enterprise  (or filantropic foundation ) wishes to create ideal circumstances to explore the behaviour and genetic background of gerbils in any way in order to share all this knowledge with anyone who's interested -
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Also find  Rodent Genetics Group  , Rodent Transport Network  and of course NKV  and contact lots of other rodentbreeders !